All Styles - Live and Studio Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Skot Bradley is a Nashville based musician/songwriter who leads his own band and has performed in the touring groups of artists Tony McKee, Kirabelle Frabotta, Ryan Weaver, Jillian Steele, Lena Stone, Peyton Gilliland, Zak Stone, Ben Woodruff (Morgan's Road) and countless others. His songwriting and playing has been featured on several albums including the 2017 EP 'Property' by Jillian Steele.

Crafting the Song

It starts with throwing ideas back and forth in a Music Row writing room, then moves to the legendary studios of Nashville to lay down instrumental and vocal tracks that capture the emotion and message perfectly.

Hitting The Stage

It takes some planning and the right instruments, equipment, and players but there's nothing like a one of a kind live performance of your favorite song in a Broadway Honkytonk or a music venue near you!


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